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Top Girls

by Caryl Churchill

From 26 March
Running Time: tbc

Top Girls

Now hiring: top girls wanted for prestige positions. Must be self-motivated go-getters with an appetite for success. No timewasters.

Marlene is the first woman to head the Top Girls employment agency. But she has no plans to stop there. With Maggie in at Number 10 and a spirit of optimism consuming the country, Marlene knows that the future belongs to women like her.

'Caryl Churchill has made every theatre trip an adventure.'

For the first time, the National Theatre stages Caryl Churchill’s wildly innovative play about a country divided by its own ambitions.

Churchill’s work includes Far Away, A Number and Escaped Alone.
Lyndsey Turner (Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, Chimerica) directs.


Talks and events

16-21: Staging Top GirlsWed 1 May, 5pm
Lyndsey Turner on Top Girls, Fri 3 May, 6pm
Agitating for Change: Feminism and Theatre in the Eighties and Now, Tue 7 May, 6pm
Exploring Caryl Churchill's Plays and Top Girls, Thu 9 May, 10.30am
Designing Top Girls with Ian MacNeil, Mon 10 June, 5pm
Actor Katherine Kingsley on Top Girls, Mon 10 June, 3pm
Creating Top Girls at the NT, Thu 13 June, 6.30pm

Top Girls | Behind the scenes on the photo shoot

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