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Our Christmas song favourites

Composite image. Left, an image of Mariah Carey in a Christmas outfit. Right, Michael Buble looking suave in a suit.

Mariah Carey is on tour and Michael Bublé has released an album, it must be Christmas.
In true festive spirit we compiled a list of our favourite Christmas songs.

In no particular order, drum roll please…

Stay, East 17

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like someone running themselves over whilst eating a jacket potato.

Max Wilson, Senior Designer

Stop the Cavalry, Jona Lewie

Though it's a Christmas song, it was originally supposed to be a protest song. There's a melancholy to it and I rather like that.

Charles Meyrick, Editorial Assistant


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Judy Garland

From the 1944 classic Meet Me In St. Louis. I love the film and its one myself and my Nan will watch together in the festive period, after which she’ll be echoing the song around the house.

Charlotte Cosgrove, CRM Marketing Assistant


Christmas Lights, Coldplay

Full of Christmassy nostalgia and hope, and always makes me think of winter in London – also manages to be just the right amount of cheesy; goosebumps guaranteed.

Chris Snow, Head of Support Services


Fairy tale of New York, The Pogues

It reminds me of my Irish dad putting up a potato as a Christmas decoration every year.
Plus it is festive and angry all at the same time. Perfect!

Aine Pullan, Box Office Sales Assistant


Wombling Merry Christmas, The Wombles

It brings back waves of nostalgia when I hear it. I remember dancing around my parents’ living room to this with my brother when we were very little (it was already a fairly old and fairly naff song when I was a kid but clearly it was pitched at the right intellectual level!)

Sarah Corke, Publications Editor


Hard Candy Christmas, Dolly Parton

It’s got a melancholy to it that serves as a great tonic to all the over-cheery standard Christmas songs. It’s a beautifully quiet ballad that’s still hopeful and about a reflective kind of celebrating.

Ramon Romano, Business and Legal Affairs Assistant


It feels like Christmas (The Muppets Christmas Carol), Paul Williams

It’s the Muppets! And perfectly encapsulates the warmth and joy that Christmas is meant to bring. Plus it’s sung by a big fluffy giant in the movie.

Jo Perry, Box Office Sales Assistant